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What Our Business Partners Says about Our Services...
"I am satisfied with this service. Quite faster than I expected. Good service. Even I was busy, they kept reminding me to check all documents. Pickup person was super kind."
Mr. Jung Hwan Lee
For FRRO Services
“I really appreciated how you used check-ins to keep me up to date. It helped me coordinate with my expats, I’m impressed with the efficiency you’re providing"
Mr. Harward Noel
Visa Services
The application process took very little time thanks to ongoing support from the Expatria team. Expatria provide a highly professional service with regular communication and ongoing customer support.
Mr. Burchett
Registration & Visa Extension
Service was on time. Process was smooth and effective. The team is very helpful and available even on weekend. That's really really nice. Keep it up! Also, apartment was very nice, Thank you!
Mr. Aminisha SL
Apartment Rental Services